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Hampton Oyster CompanyTaste the difference!

Our oysters are plump and refreshingly briny with a clean, mineral finish. Our unique growing method creates a strong shell with a deep, polished cup that is exceptionally easy to shuck. We recommend enjoying them on the half-shell but they are ideal for all methods of grilling and cooking!

Fresh OystersThe Hampton Oyster Company

The Hampton Oyster Company was founded in 2016 by North Fork locals Joe and James Finora with a mission to perfect the art of oyster cultivation while enhancing the waters and community they love. Joe and James relied on their technical backgrounds and knowledge of local waters to develop the region’s first deep-water, surface-grown oyster farm.

Rooted in ingenuity, the HOC team is perpetually fine-tuning our technique in pursuit of the finest quality oyster possible.

north fork oystersOur oysters are ‘made in the waves’. Different from bottom-grown methods, we ride the surf to keep our farm in constant motion. The wave-powered conditioning prunes and polishes each oyster, creating a hearty shell for an easy shuck, and an ultra-clean appearance.

Deep-water, surface-grown

Oysters are a product of their environment, and our farm site was specially selected for its depth and pristine water quality. We grow our oysters at the surface of the water column to give them access to the highest quality food and water. Breaking waves mix glacial minerals and nutrients from the cool water below to create our unique flavor profile. Floating high above the seafloor, our oysters won’t have the grit and mud that can come from shallow or bottom grown methods.

Quality starts with the water

Our oysters are grown in Peconic Bay, a unique body of water between Long Island’s North and South Forks. The bay opens only to the Atlantic, allowing crisp ocean water to meld with the distinct glacial minerals of the bay, creating an ideal environment for our oysters to grow and thrive.

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